How to get a Canadian visa

How to get a Canadian visa To get a Visa, the first thing you should know is what visa you need to go to Canada. To apply for a Canadian Visa you must keep in mind the aspects that will determine the type of visa appropriate for you.

  • The reason why you want to go to Canada.
  • The time required to be there: short, medium or long term.
  • If you are traveling to Canada alone or accompanied by a family member.
  • Age and nationality
  • Training and experience
  • Level of English you have
  • Economic solvency

Once clarified and determined that you really go and want to do in Canada you can decide what type of visa you want

  • Tourism visa
  • Study visa
  • Work visa (permanent temporary)

Tourist Visa for Canada

This tourist visa allows you to visit the country or do short-term studies.

  • You can visit the country as a tourist for up to six months-
  • You can study a maximum of six months
  • You will not be able to work

Depending on the nationality this type of tourist visa can be acquired in Canada For eTA life, it can be requested in the countries: Chile, Mexico, and Spain.

The visitor Visa

It can be requested in the countries Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, in the case of Colombia, the biometric test must be submitted.

Student Visa for Canada

You must keep in mind that the student visa you will need to be able to study in Canada for more than six months.

Time greater than six months and if you want to be able to work at the same time you study in Canada. Only you will not be able to work if the course you are going to do is English, in this case, you will not be able to work if the course you are going to do is English in this case you will not be able to work and study at the same time.

Requirements to obtain a student visa in Canada

  • You must be enrolled in a course that you will study in an official institution and duly accredited for that purpose.
  • Prove that you have the possibility to cover the price of the plane ticket, course to study and be able to live in Canada, or present a letter written by the person who is financially responsible for you. 
  • Three recent passport photos
  • Payment of visa fee

Temporary work visa requirements

  • Fill out the temporary residence visa application form
  • Present letters of reference from current and former employers
  • Have a valid passport with enough blank space to place the visa.
  • Deliver recent passport-type photos
  • Pay the corresponding cost, when submitting the application
  • Demonstrate that you have the education, professional experience, and knowledge of English or French that you will need to work in that country.
  • Description of the work performed and positions held.
  • Check with the visa officer that the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Law and its regulations are met and that it will remain in Canada temporarily only for the period allowed.
  • Be in good health and present a medical exam for stays longer than six months.
  • Demonstrate that no criminal records are presented and that a security risk for Canada is not built in any way.


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